Fugly Pets Interview with Olga Bajela

Join us on a paws-itively unique journey as we sit down with Olga Bajela, our CCO, to unearth the quirky world of Fugly Pets™. Unleash the fun as Olga sheds light on the fetching features and tail-wagging mechanics that make Fugly Pets™ a fantastic engaging slot game.

Welcome, Olga! It’s great to have you here to talk about Stakelogic’s latest creation, Fugly Pets™. This game brings a unique spin to online slots. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this game?

Olga Bajela: Thank you for having me! Fugly Pets™ was born from the idea of celebrating the unconventional beauty of pets that might not win a beauty contest but surely capture our hearts.

May you explain the unique features that Fugly Pets™ offers to players?

OB: Of course! Fugly Pets™ is a 5×5 slot game with 3125 payways, which means there are plenty of chances to win. We have several special features, such as Wild Symbols that substitute for all paying symbols and Free Spins Bonus Symbols that can trigger up to 15 free spins. Additionally, we’ve introduced the Symbol Multipliers feature, where each high-paying symbol increases its multiplier with consecutive wins during a single game.

That sounds like a dynamic gameplay experience. Can you delve a bit more into the Free Spins feature and what makes it special in Fugly Pets™?

OB: The Free Spins feature in Fugly Pets™ is particularly exciting because the High Paying symbol win multipliers do not reset at the end of the free spins; they persist throughout the feature. This allows for increasing potential winnings as the game progresses. Plus, it’s possible to re-trigger Free Spins during the feature, which can significantly enhance the gameplay experience.

I’ve heard there are some intriguing elements like the Roadkill and Super Symbols. Can you explain these features?

OB: Yes, these features really spice up the game. The Roadkill feature introduces a special symbol that can either remove other symbols or turn them into Wilds, creating more winning opportunities. Then there’s the Super Symbol, which can be 2×2, 3×3, or even 4×4 in size. It crushes symbols below it, causing new symbols to cascade down and fill the empty spaces, potentially leading to new wins.

It sounds like Fugly Pets™ is packed with features that keep the game exciting. Is there a feature for players eager to jump straight into the action?

OB: Yes, we have a ‘Buy Bonus’ option, which allows players to buy into the Free Spins feature directly. Depending on how many Free Spins they want to purchase—10, 12, or 15—the cost will vary. This is great for those who want to experience the high-energy part of the game right away.

One final question, Olga, what do you hope players take away from their experience with Fugly Pets™?

OB: We hope that players enjoy the rich, engaging gameplay and the humorous and light-hearted theme. But most importantly, we want them to appreciate the message behind it—that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and everyone deserves a little love.

Thank you, Olga, for sharing these insights into Fugly Pets™. It’s clear a lot of thought and creativity went into this game, making it a must-try for online slot enthusiasts.

OB: Thank you for having me. We’re excited for everyone to try Fugly Pets™. Here’s hoping it brings both big wins and big grins to all our players!