Q&A: Behind The Scenes of Manimals with Daniela Fricchione

Join us for an exclusive interview with Daniela Fricchione, our Head of Accounts Management, as we venture into the futuristic world of Manimals™. Read about the gameplay, innovative features, and thrilling mechanics of our latest slot adventure!

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Manimals™ and what sets it apart from other slot games?

Daniela Fricchione: Manimals™ takes players on a thrilling journey to a dystopian future where animals have evolved into humanoid forms after the extinction of humanity. This unique premise, combined with our innovative reel modifiers, sets Manimals™ apart from traditional slot games.

What role do the special reel modifiers play in creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience in Manimals™?

DF: The special reel modifiers in Manimals™ are instrumental in elevating the gameplay experience by introducing unexpected twists and turns with each spin. Whether it’s the appearance of gigantic reel symbols, the destruction of low-paying symbols by the grenade symbol, or the expansion of symbols to fill entire reels, these modifiers keep players on the edge of their seats and add an element of excitement to every spin.

Can you elaborate on the significance of the persistent game ways mechanic during Free Spins in Manimals™ and how it impacts players’ chances of winning big?

DF: The persistent game ways mechanic in Manimals™ ensures that any increase in the number of game ways created from a winning outcome during Free Spins will be retained for subsequent spins. This means that players have the opportunity to build upon their initial wins and potentially land even larger payouts as the Free Spins round progresses. With each spin, the excitement builds as players watch their winnings multiply, thanks to this innovative mechanic.

The grenade symbol adds an intriguing twist to the gameplay in Manimals™. Could you explain how this feature works and its impact on players’ gaming experience?

DF: The grenade symbol in Manimals™ serves as a last chance reel modifier, offering players an additional opportunity to secure a win. When the grenade symbol lands on the reels, it highlights connecting symbols, which are then removed from the reels. This creates space for new reel symbols to land, potentially forming new winning combinations and increasing the excitement of the gameplay. While wild symbols and bonus symbols are unaffected by the grenade feature, it offers players a thrilling chance to turn their luck around and achieve even bigger wins.

How does the Buy Bonus feature work in Manimals™, and what options are available to players?

DF: The Buy Bonus feature allows players to instantly trigger the Free Spins bonus game by purchasing it at various stakes. Players can choose from three options: Buy 8 Free Spins for 100x Stake, Buy 10 Free Spins for 150x Stake, or Buy 15 Free Spins for 200x Stake. This feature provides players with the opportunity to dive straight into the excitement of the bonus rounds without waiting for them to be triggered organically during gameplay.

With its unique theme and innovative gameplay mechanics, how do you envision Manimals™ resonating with players and standing out in the competitive world of online slots?

DF: Manimals™ offers players a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience with its captivating theme and innovative features. By transporting players to a dystopian future where animals have evolved to possess human-like traits, Manimals™ provides a fresh and exciting take on the traditional slot game genre. With its dynamic gameplay mechanics and potential for big wins, we believe that Manimals™ will quickly become a fan favorite among players seeking something new and unique in the world of online slots.

Thank you so much, Daniela, for sharing these insights to Manimals™. It sounds like slot that players won’t want to miss!

DF: My Pleasure! I look forward to players experiencing the world of Manimals™!