Q&A: Behind The Scenes of Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win with Daniela Fricchione

Join us for an exclusive interview with Daniela Fricchione, our Head of Accounts Management, as we journey to the tropical island paradise of Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win™. Read about the gameplay, exciting features, and hidden treasures of our latest slot sensation!

Interviewer: May you walk us through some of the standout features of Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win?

Daniela Fricchione: One of the most exciting features is the Tiki Tiki Treasure Box bonus, where landing coins with a treasure chest instantly awards their total value as an instant win. Additionally, players can spin the Bonus Feature Wheel to unlock up to 15 Free Spins or access the Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win bonus game. In this unique Hold ‘N’ Spin feature, players collect coins to form clusters, triggering Fusion Events that merge values into colossal Treasure Chests!

I: Can you explain how the locking mechanism works for bonus symbols and Tiki Tiki Coins during respins in Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win?

DF: In Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win, both bonus symbols and Tiki Tiki Coins remain locked in place during any respin. This means that if they are part of a winning cluster, they will stay on the screen, contributing to potential subsequent wins. Additionally, any new winning symbols that appear during a respin will be awarded with a multiplier, starting at x2 and increasing with each new respin. This locking feature enhances the gameplay experience, allowing players to build upon their initial wins and potentially achieve even bigger payouts as they continue to spin the reels.

I: What is the significance of the golden idle in Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win?

DF: The golden idle in Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win serves as a symbol of great fortune and prosperity. When players achieve clusters of four or more treasure box symbols, these symbols fuse together to create the golden idle. This idle accumulates the values of all the treasure boxes that contributed to its creation, offering players the chance to win substantial rewards.

I: It sounds like there’s plenty of excitement to be had in Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win! Can you share any tips or strategies for players looking to maximize their winnings in the game?

DF: One tip is to keep an eye out for the Bonus symbols, as they can trigger the Fortune Wheel, offering various bonuses like Free Spins or the Hold ‘N’ Win feature. Additionally, players can consider utilizing the Buy Fortune Wheel, Mega Fortune Wheel, or Epic Fortune Wheel options for a chance to access these exciting bonus features instantly.

I: Could you explain the buy bonus feature in Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win and how it enhances the player experience?

DF: The buy bonus feature in Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win offers players the option to instantly trigger the game’s bonus features by purchasing them. Players can choose from different options, such as buying a set number of Free Spins or accessing the Fortune Wheels directly. This feature provides players to bypass the base game and dive straight into the excitement of the bonus rounds. Whether they’re looking to speed up their gameplay or increase their chances of landing lucrative rewards, the buy bonus feature offers players an additional way to enjoy the game and potentially boost their winnings.

I: Thank you so much, Daniela, for sharing these insights into Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win. It sounds like an incredible gaming experience that players won’t want to miss!

DF: My pleasure! I can’t wait for players to experience the world of Tiki Tiki Hold ‘N’ Win and embark on their own tropical adventure. Happy spinning, everyone!