Women’s Day Interview with Olga Bajela, Chief Commercial Officer at Stakelogic

Here is what she had to say about woman power within Stakelogic and the iGaming Industry!

Emma Coleiro, Marketeer: Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Olga Bajela, the Chief Commercial Officer of Stakelogic and the recent recipient of the prestigious Woman Leader of the Year Award at the MiGEA Awards. Olga, thank you for joining us today!

Olga, CCO: Thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Emma: Winning the Woman Leader of the Year Award is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement. Could you share with us what this recognition means to you personally, and how it reflects on your journey as a woman in the gaming industry?

Olga: Winning the Woman Leader of the Year Award is an immense honor for me. It’s a validation of the hard work, dedication, and challenges I’ve overcome throughout my career. As a woman in the iGaming industry, it’s particularly significant because it highlights the progress we’ve made in breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes in the corporate world. This recognition motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and paving the way for future generations of women in iGaming.

Emma: That’s truly inspiring, Olga. As a leader in your field, you undoubtedly face various challenges. Could you share with us some of the unique challenges you’ve encountered as a woman, and how you’ve navigated through them to reach where you are today?

Olga: Like many women in leadership positions, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges, from unconscious bias to unequal opportunities. However, I’ve always believed in my abilities and focused on constantly improving myself. I’ve learned to embrace my unique perspective as a woman in a male-dominated industry, leveraging it as a strength rather than a weakness. Surrounding myself with a supportive network of colleagues has also been instrumental in overcoming these challenges.

Emma: What does Women’s day signify to you personally, and how do you perceive its significance within our industry?

Olga: International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of the progress we’ve made towards gender equality and the work that still lies ahead. Within the iGaming industry, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of women like myself and to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion. It’s a day to recognize the achievements of women in all aspects of the industry, from leadership roles to technical positions, and to reaffirm our commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace for everyone.

Emma: Olga, your leadership at Stakelogic has been widely recognized, particularly in leading a stellar commercial team. Can you elaborate on how you upheld unity and efficiency, especially during pivotal transitions?

Olga: Leading a commercial team requires not only strategic vision but also a deep understanding of the individuals within the team and their unique needs. We strive to cultivate more female professionals and leaders within our team, and Daniela Fricchione serves as a prime example. Starting as a senior Account Manager, she showcased exceptional leadership skills. Even during her maternity leave, Daniela’s dedication remained evident. Upon her return, she seamlessly transitioned into leading the account management team, inspiring us all with her resilience and determination.

Emma: How do you believe diversity and inclusion contribute to the success of teams and companies in the iGaming sector?

Olga: Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are essential drivers of success in the iGaming sector. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, teams can foster creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. In an industry as dynamic and competitive as iGaming, having a diverse team allows companies to better understand and cater to the needs and preferences of their diverse player base. Additionally, creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected leads to higher employee morale, retention, and ultimately, greater business success.

Emma: Thank you, Olga, it’s clear that diversity and inclusion are vital components for success in the iGaming industry, and your experiences highlight the importance of embracing these principles. We appreciate your time and wish you continued success in your endeavors.

Olga: Thank you once again for having me. It’s been a pleasure discussing these important topics.

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