Q&A: Behind the Scenes of The Secret of Machu Picchu with Jake Agius

Join us for an exclusive chat with Jake Agius, our Head of Marketing, as he shares the behind-the-scenes insights and inspirations driving the excitement around our latest game, The Secret of Machu Picchu™ by Stakelogic.

Hey Jake! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about Stakelogic’s upcoming slot, “The Secret of Machu Picchu.” We’re super excited to dive into the details.

Absolutely, always happy to talk about our latest and greatest.

Can you give us a quick rundown of the main features of The Secret of Machu Picchu?

The Secret of Machu Picchu is a 6-reel slot that really spices things up with expanding reels, cascading symbols, and dual action wilds. The free spins feature reveals a special bonus with the combined Sun Gate feature. It’s all about aligning those Sun Gods with the Sun Gates for some incredible multiplied wins.

Can you walk us through the base game mechanics? What can players expect in a regular spin?

Jake Aguis: The base game kicks off with 4 rows of symbols. When you score a win, the winning symbols vanish, a new row gets added and fresh symbols drop in. This can go on, building up to a maximum of 7 rows. And get this – the reels are surrounded by Machu Picchu-themed scenery, with the scene scaling and zooming.

Could you tell us more about the Lucky Llama Bonus?

The Lucky Llama Bonus kicks in when there are no more wins and a wild symbol is still hanging around. This cheeky llama activates, booting out the eight lowest-ranking symbols, giving you another shot at those wins. It’s like a second chance that keeps the excitement rolling.

Moving on to the Free Spins Feature. What makes it stand out?

The Free Spins Feature really shakes things up. It starts with the reels at 4 symbols high, but unlike the base game, they don’t reset after each spin. They keep going at the height where the previous spin ended, with a maximum height of 7 symbols. And, of course, there are extra spins up for grabs if you land those Free Spins symbols.

And what’s this Sun Gate & Sun God Feature during the Free Spins?

Jake Aguis: The Sun Gate & Sun God are the true magic touch. During Free Spins, you’ve got these special symbols – the Sun God, each with its cash value and the Sun Gate, collecting all those values. It’s all about aligning them for some serious win multiplication action.

Lastly, let’s touch on the Multiplier Bonus and the Buy Bonus Feature. What can players expect there?

The Multiplier Bonus is straightforward – multiplier symbols add up, and all wins get a boost after wins and Sun Gate action. And for those who can’t wait for the Free Spins Feature, we’ve got the Buy Bonus Feature. Players can jump straight into the action with three options for how many spins they want and at what cost.

Thank you for breaking down The Secret of Machu Picchu for us Jake. It sounds like an incredible adventure for players.

It’s a pleasure sharing the excitement. Can’t wait for everyone to experience the thrill of Machu Picchu!

You can try out the slot here!