Gaze of Medusa Interview with James Jelliffe

Join us for a riveting exploration as we sit down with James Jelliffe, Stakelogic’s Head of Game design, as we discuss the mythological world of Stone Gaze of Medusa™. Discover the legendary features and dynamic mechanics that make this slot game a standout adventure.

James, can you introduce us to the new “Stone Gaze of Medusa” slot game and what inspired its creation?

James Jelliffe: “Stone Gaze of Medusa” is set in ancient Greece, where players play alongside the legendary Gorgon, Medusa. Inspired by the rich mythology and allure of the ancient world, the game combines captivating artwork and innovative game mechanics to create a great slot experience. We tried a different approach when incorperating Medusa and focused primarily on displaying the raw power of Medusa herself, rather than the story of her defeat. Stone Gaze of Medusa is designed to appeal to both enthusiasts of mythology slots and players looking for fully engaging gameplay with substantial win potential.

What kinds of features can players expect when they enter Stone Gaze of Medusa?

JJ: Players will find “Stone Gaze of Medusa” easy to follow yet thoroughly immersive. It’s a tumbling Scatter Pays game with 8OAK+ wins and Multiplier symbols that can reach up to x1000. These multipliers are progressive during the Free Spins, where the total accumulated multiplier applies to all wins. We also introduced a Power symbol that activates Medusa who turns certain non-winning symbols to stone, leading to their destruction and triggering more tumbles. This mechanic significantly increases the game’s excitement and potential for big wins.

How do the cascading reels feature work in this game?

JJ: The cascading reels are a core part of the gameplay. When players hit a winning combination, the winning symbols disappear, and the other symbols cascade down to fill the spaces, with new symbols entering the grid as well, potentially creating additional wins. This process repeats until no new winning combinations are formed. At this point any Power symbols you have landed will activate, leading to even further tumbles and potential wins. The dynamic nature of cascading reels adds a layer of excitement and unpredictability to each spin.

Could you expand on the unique aspects of the Free Spins and Multiplier symbols in this game?

JJ: During the Free Spins bonus game, Multiplier Symbols are accumulated progressively into a total Multiplier value, which can significantly increase the payout of the free spins round. This Multiplier is then applied to every win. This differs from other slots where multipliers usually reset or require a Multiplier to land on a win to apply. Here, the multiplier continues to build, offering the potential for dramatic wins, especially since we have a maximum win cap of 10,000x the bet.

What is the ‘Super Stake’ feature, and how does it enhance the gameplay?

JJ: The ‘Super Stake’ feature allows players to increase their bet size by 25% in exchange for doubling their chances of triggering the Free Spins. This feature is perfect for players who prefer a higher-risk, high-reward style of playing.

The Power Symbols also add a unique twist to the game. How do they function?

JJ: The Power Symbols are particularly exciting. Depending on their level, they can destroy non-winning symbols of one, two, and three of a kind, triggering fresh cascades. For example, a level one Power Symbol will destroy all instances of symbols that appear as one of a kind, while a level three will clear all non-winning combinations up to three of a kind. This not only clears the board for potentially more winning combinations but removes all the ‘spare’ symbols from the reels to increase your chance of getting a win.

Finally, is there an option for players to jump straight into the action with the Free Spins?

JJ: Yes, we offer a ‘Buy Bonus’ feature, which allows players to enter the Free Spins round immediately for a fixed cost of 100 times the bet. This is perfect for those who don’t want to wait for the Free Spins to be triggered naturally and are willing to jump in with instant access to the high potential of the Free Spins round.

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