Q&A: Behind the Scenes of Wild Wild Bass 3 with Olga Bajela

Join us for an exclusive chat with Olga Bajela, our CCO, as she shares the behind-the-scenes insights and inspirations driving the excitement around our latest game, Wild Wild Bass 3™ by Stakelogic.

Olga, as Chief Commercial Officer at Stakelogic, it’s a pleasure to have you here to discuss Wild Wild Bass 3™. Can you give us a sneak peek into what players can expect from this exciting slot game, especially considering it’s the third installment of one of your popular slots?

Olga: Thank you! Wild Wild Bass 3™ is a thrilling continuation of our popular slot series. Brace yourselves for enticing rewards and an elevated level of excitement as we’ve taken our popular slot series to unprecedented heights!

The game features include the Big Catch and Insane Catch. Can you tell us more about these features and what sets them apart?

Olga: Lets start with the Big Catch feature! Triggered with 2 Wild symbols, the reels extend and the Bass symbols jump in with some extra value for your wins. But the real excitement is when the Insane Catch symbol pops up during the Big Catch feature. The screen then transition to a multiplier reel. Each spin during this feature can amp up your winnings to a solid x10. It’s not just a tweak; it’s a seriously captivating upgrade for our players.

Can you tell us about the buy bonus features?

Olga: We’ve added an option for players to heighten their anticipation by buying the Insane Catch Feature for 100x their bet, 10 Free Spins for another 100x, or the Big Catch Feature for 50x. It’s a way to immediately dive into the action and experience the thrills the game offers.

Lastly, what inspired the design of Wild Wild Bass 3™, and how does the visual aspect enhance the gaming experience?

Olga: The design was meticulously crafted to immerse players in the thrill of fishing. The visuals transport players into the adventure, making each spin feel like a real expedition. We aimed to capture the anticipation and excitement of landing a big catch in this third edition of our popular slot series.

Well, Olga, it’s evident that Wild Wild Bass 3™ is set to make a significant impact. Thanks for sharing these exciting details with us, and we’re eagerly awaiting its launch!

Olga: My pleasure! Get ready to cast your line and experience the thrill of the deep blue with Wild Wild Bass 3™ on the 23rd of November! Happy spinning!

You can try out the slot here!